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International Journal of Case Reports in Surgery
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2021, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A

Subhepatic appendicitis a rare entity

Author(s): Dr. Parthraj Vadher, Dr. Trupal Desai and Dr. Jainesh Shah

Abstract: Sub hepatic appendix and caecum is an uncommon condition. It occurs due to incomplete rotation of foetal foregut and maldescent of caecum. This condition may be mistaken for acute cholecystitis, liver abscess, duodenal perforation or right renal calculus. Appendicitis is a common surgical emergency. When present in abnormal sub hepatic location, it can pose a challenge in its diagnosis and management. Diagnosis may be delayed when acute appendicitis develops complications- appendicular rupture, perforation or localized abscess. The condition may be missed on ultrasound and CT abdomen may be inconclusive. Thus, surgeon should have a high index of suspicion in such undiagnosed right upper abdominal pain. In such cases an early diagnostic laparoscopy is suggested to avoid further complications. We are reporting a case of sub hepatic appendicitis in young male with diagnostic difficulties, need for timely surgical intervention and to avoid life threatening complications and our experience.

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Dr. Parthraj Vadher, Dr. Trupal Desai, Dr. Jainesh Shah. Subhepatic appendicitis a rare entity. Int J Case Rep Surg 2021;3(2):12-14.

International Journal of Case Reports in Surgery

International Journal of Case Reports in Surgery

International Journal of Case Reports in Surgery
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